Daschund: The happy kings

DaschundDaschund is one of those breeds of dog that has almost all the qualities a person would want in his pet. Daschund is available in three varieties: the standard, the miniature, and the toy. So you can choose the size according to your life style.

Daschund as pets are great to live with. They form perfect watchdogs and are a playful breed. They love their owner and a mildly protective. However, children need to be taught to not be rough with the dog else it may cause problems. They do well with mature and considerate children.

This breed comes in three different varieties as well: short-haired, wired-haired, and long-haired. They have a longer life span as compared to most of the other breeds. They have a beautiful body and the stand out characteristic of this breed is that they love to borrow holes. They were called Tachs Krieger, meaning badger catcher. They love to hunt for badgers and rabbits. They come from Germany and have reference in the history to Ancient Egypt.

The Daschund does not need a lot of exercise and does well in a home with a small yard. If you buy a long haired or a wirehaired Daschund then make sure that you brush and trim the coat regularly.

However, the Daschunds do not tolerate a rough behavior and may snap or even bite if they are not treated well. They have a mind of their own and are hard to train. They are not timid and get aggressive at the slightest movements or sounds. They have huge lungs and hence their barking is intimidating for many other animals.

Daschunds are known to have back troubles and should not be picked up and dropped roughly as it may hurt their backs. This breed also has an odor that repels a lot of people. In to this they are heavy shedders. So you need to give it a proper cleaning on a regular basis.

They form great travelers and are the ideal breed if you are looking to travel or make a journey in a car.