Facts about Bulldog

BulldogBulldog Temperament Bulldog originates from Great Britain, and has a long history, now reigning as the national symbol of Great Britain. These dogs have been used for many purposes over the years, from guarding and hunting to baiting and fighting. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1934.

The Bulldog is a gentle, easy going, and affectionate dog, with a wonderful nature, a comical outlook on life, and a really entertaining personality. The national symbol of Great   Britain, the Bulldog is known to be extremely amiable, friendly, and loving, and loves to spend time with his family Known to be one of the most dependable breeds around, the Bulldog makes a wonderful family pet, and is fine for the more inexperienced dog owners as well as those with experience. The Bulldog can have a stubborn streak, but is also a very docile breed with plenty of affection and devotion to give to his family.

The Bulldog is known to be excellent with children and will get along with other pets too, but be way of his jealous streak of another animal tries to take his food! His sweet nature and comical attitude makes him a big hit as a family dog. This is a breed that has inbuilt laziness, however, so don’t expect your Bulldog to go romping around and playing Frisbee with you. It is important to exercise him for health reasons, but this should be along the lines of gentle strolls and walks in cooler weather. With strangers the Bulldog may be reserved, although some will be quite friendly. He is a sensitive and intelligent dog, and is ideal as a pet in a relaxed household. So if you are thinking to adopt the dog than undoubtedly bull dog is one of the best breed to adopt.