The Shih Tzu: A royal breed

shih-tzuThe Shih Tzu is one of the most hairy breeds of dog. It has a dense and long double coat and belongs to the Toy category of breeds. The texture of the undercoat is wooly and soft but however they are mild shedders.

This breed often called ‘small lion’ comes from Tibet and is mostly found in China. The love spending time with their families and get along well with other pets and older children. They are confident and alert and make perfect watchdogs. They are not the ones who like to be aloof and tend to get destructive if left alone for a long span of time.

The Shih Tzu is difficult to train but is a quick learner. It can often act arrogant and may cause problems when undergoing training. They like to be treated royally and are not good to small children who have a habit of bothering pets.

Their coat needs to be groomed on a regular basis and should be brushed regularly to avoid knots. They are vulnerable to kidney diseases and slipping kneecaps. Just like every other breed they should be taken for regular walks else they tend to gain weight. They are also prone to snoring and wheezing problems and dental hygiene is necessary to prevent tooth lost.